yachts docked on calm body of water
yachts docked on calm body of water

Make Your Voice Count

Break through the gatekeepers to your local government and reclaim your voice.

The Kelowna Citizens Safety Association (KCSA) gives your voice the power of many.

Kelowna Citizens Safety Association is a community association dedicated to ensuring that our community is a safe and vibrant place to live in.

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$100 CASH to be won!

Download, email and win?

Help us educate and win!

It is simple! Download the 2 page Bills flyer, attach them to an email to your BC friends and family and CC us on the email as

Suggested Subject: Please read, Bills beaware.

Suggested Message: "Please read important information on the BC Bills attached and be aware. Then forward this to your family and friends. These are province wide issues! Then you can go into the draw to win a $100, just by helping to educate others! "

Don't forget to CC: to be eligible to enter the draw! (See details on how to at


Your name will be added list that will be drawn on September 1st!

(Only one entry permitted at a time).

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*E-transfer donations are now available on our "Donate page".

About Us

The Kelowna Citizens Safety Association (KCSA) was created to revitalize the culture of civic reform where balanced debates can take place regardless of the issue. We strive to ensure civic politicians and staff are accountable and transparent to the electorate they represent. The KCSA offers Citizens and community organizations the ability to participate in the future direction of our City and create a vibrant community where Citizens are truly participating in local governance.

Serving our Community

Your voice is competing against big business, special interest, provincial, federal and even international agendas. The association works on your behalf to keep local government on task, accountable, focused on local issues while maintaining your individual rights.

person in red sweater holding babys hand
person in red sweater holding babys hand

We are actively researching various chapters of the OCP, which exposes areas of concern and questions that the City of Kelowna need to explain and be more transparent with planned initiatives. We will be acting as a body to represent the people as the current local council in Kelowna, the province of BC and the government of Canada does not represent the voices of many.

We wish to understand issues intimately and work with our local elected representatives to be able to do this.

The current process of public meetings does not meet the needs to our voices being heard. We are aimed at improving public safety, including neighborhood programs, workshops, and community awareness campaigns that we feel would be worthy of support.

*E-transfer donations are now available on our "Donate page".